• TermDescription
  • Earth Ground

    The portion of a circuit that is connected to a buried metallic object such as a grounding rod or water pipe.

  • Egress

    Passage through an opening in the exit direction, especially passage that leads out of a structure.

  • Electric Strike

    A door unlocking device that is installed in the door jamb and that works in conjunction with a mechanical lock or latch mechanism.

  • Electrified Lock

    A mechanical locking device that has been modified to allow an electric circuit to lock or unlock it.

  • Electromagnetic Lock (Magnetic Lock, Mag Lock)

    A device that locks/unlocks an opening without moving parts, using pure electro-magnetic attraction.

  • Energize

    To apply power.

  • Event

    A report of an action that takes place within the system, such as a door being opened, a person going through a portal, a time zone being active or the security system being armed.