Quick Start Guide for Configuring Redundancy in Intelli-Site 4
Author: Wade WhitmoyerCreated: 05-21-2021 04:49 PMLast Updated: 08-03-2021 10:05 AM

Products to which this article applies

  • Intelli-Site
  • MASC Lite


The Intelli-Site Redundancy feature is two features in one. The Engine Service and Driver Service are separately redundant, each having a counterpart that can take over in the event of a failure. With that in mind, it is possible for one server to be the Master Engine Service and another server to be the Master Driver service. It should be noted that while there is a priority given to one server over another, the computer highest in the list will most likely become master, fail-over from one machine to another will not occur unless a failure occurs. This means that if the secondary machine is master when the primary machine is brought up, it will remain the master and will not fail back to the other machine.


Redundancy can be configured in many ways but for the sake of simplicity, the following covers the most basic configuration and assumes that there are 2 servers, and both will be responsible for all panels. It also assumes that each server has its own local copy of the database and is using PostgreSQL as the database server. If a more advanced configuration is required, contact Technical Support for assistance.

Steps to Resolve this issue:

  • Install Software and Licenses
    • Run installer and follow prompts on screen.
    • Wait for reboot and initial project dialog then follow prompts.
    • When project creation dialog comes up, name the project. Start engine service but not driver service.
    • Launch Desktop Client and login.
    • From the menu choose the about dialog and go to license tab.
    • Enter and activate the License and SMA number.
    • Exit desktop Client and stop engine service.
    • Repeat these steps for each machine in the redundant setup ensuring the project name is identical on each machine.

  • Configure Postgresql for Redundancy
    • PGAdmin III is installed with Postgresql when the Intelli-Site engine service is selected in the installer. From the Start Menu, locate the [Postgresql 9.4] application group and launch [pgAdmin III].
    • Click the [PostgreSQL 9.4 (localhost:5432)] item in the tree on the left.
    • Open the [Tools] menu and click [Connect].
    • Enter the password, “postgres” in the Connect to Server dialog and click [OK].
    • From the [Tools] menu select [Server Configuration] then [pg_hba.conf].
    • Double click the blank checkbox at the bottom of the list.
    • In the [Client Access Configuration] dialog, check the [Enabled] checkbox.
    • Change the [Type] drop down to “Host".
    • Change the [Database] drop down to “All".
    • Change the [User] drop down to “All".
    • Enter the IP Address of the other server followed by “/32” in the [IP Address] text box.
    • Change the [Method] drop down to “md5".
    • Click the [OK] button.
    • Open the [File] menu click [Save].
    • Open the [File] menu again click [Reload Server].
    • Click [Yes] on the [Reload Server Configuration] dialog.
    • Close the window and pgAdmin III.
    • Repeat on each server, specifying the other machines IP Address.

  • Configure Project for Redundancy. (It is recommended that these steps be completed after most of the project programming is completed and functionality is verified.)
    • Choose one machine to start with. This will be the project that all other machines sync to.
    • Add a virtual panel to system layout with 2 points for each server.
    • In Design View add a computer node for each machine in the redundant setup. The machine you are using will already exist in the Computers nodes list.
    • Each machine must be named the exact DNS name of that machine not including domain prefixes or suffixes.
    • In the Properties dialog of all machines check the box for Redundancy Enabled and assign a unique virtual point for Online/Offline Point and Is Master Point.
    • Drag the virtual points out to a screen so you will know the status of each server.
    • Stop and Start engine service.

  • Configure Desktop Client for Redundancy
    • Launch Desktop Client.
    • In the login window click the gear icon.
    • Enter the names of all servers in the host field separated by a comma with no additional spaces.
    • Repeat these steps on every Client.

  • Start Engine Service
    • On the primary machine, start Engine Service.
    • After 90 seconds the machine will become Master, log into Desktop Client.
    • Note the state of the virtual points. The Online/Offline point and Is Master point for this server should be high.
    • Start Engine Service on the second server. It will sync with the master server and set its Online/Offline point high.

  • Configure Drivers for redundancy
    • In Hardware Management View, right click on a driver and choose Driver Properties.
    • Click in the Computer List and add the other servers.
    • Repeat this for each driver.
    • You may now start Driver Service.

Products to which this article applies

  • Intelli-Site
  • MASC Lite