Why can’t my Workstation retrieve the project list?
Author: Wade WhitmoyerCreated: 02-04-2013 07:02 AMLast Updated: 07-30-2021 02:41 PM

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  • Intelli-Site


When launching the Workstation.exe the logon screen shows "Requesting Project List" list and the count continues to increment to 5 attempts or more.


There are multiple causes for this issue including:

  • An incorrect Server host name was entered in the Workstation registration
  • The name of the Server cannot be resolved by DNS
  • The Server is not reachable on the network
  • A firewall is blocking the Workstation's ability to communicate with the Server
  • An incorrect machine name (case sensitive) was entered in the computer node for this Workstation in the project file


Check the following settings to determine the cause and appropriate steps to eliminate the issue:

  • Verify the Workstation registration:
    • Click on the Intelli-Site Logon window
    • Click thebutton at the bottom of the screen.
    • Choose the button.
    • Verify the Host Name entry matches the name of the Server machine including case. Correct it if necessary.

  • Verify that the machine is able to resolve the Server name:
    • Press the Windows key on your keyboard.
    • In Windows XP choose "Run" and type "CMD" in the Run Prompt and press , In Windows 7 Type "CMD" in the search box and press enter.
    • In the new window that appears type "Ping 'name of server machine'" replace 'name of server machine' with the name of your Server machine.
    • If the response is: 
      • "Ping request could not find host 'name of server machine'. Please check the name and try again."
        • Verify that an entry has been added to your lmhosts file for the Server machine. See KB article AA-00289 for more information on editing your lmhosts file.
      • "Pinging 'name of server machine' ['IP Address of server machine'] with 32 bytes of data:" followed by a few messages similar to: "Reply from 'IP Address of server machine': bytes=32 time=3ms TTL=128", your lmhosts / DNS are configured properly and this is not the cause of the issue.
      • "Pinging 'name of server machine' ['IP Address of server machine'] with 32 bytes of data:" followed by a few messages similar to: "Reply from 'IP Address of DNS server': Destination host unreachable." 
        • Verify the IP Address in the Ping message is in fact the IP Address of the Server.
          • If the IP Address is incorrect, correct your lmhosts file and try again.
          • If the IP Address is correct, contact your IT department for help determining the issue.

  • Verify your firewall settings:
    • Each firewall client is different, and has different methods for configuring exception, see the documentation for your firewall for more info on setting up exceptions. In the mean time, it is easiest to turn the firewall off on the server and workstation long enough to verify that it is not the issue.

  • Verify the Workstation machine name in the "Properties..." of the computer node in the Intelli-Site Project
    • Open the Workstation software on the Server machine and logon.
    • Click thebutton and select the button.
    • In the project tree expand the "Computers" node.
    • Right click the node corresponding to the Workstation experiencing the issue and choose "Properties...".
    • Verify that the "Name" field matches the Workstation's machine name exactly including case and correct it if necessary.

  • If you have verified all of the above and your issue is not resolved, contact Technical Support for assistance.

Products to which this article applies

  • Intelli-Site