What can be imported using the Intelli-Site “Import Cards” feature?
Created: 08-23-2013 11:39 AMLast Updated: 08-25-2021 08:06 AM

The data to be imported must be in a properly formatted comma-delimited file (*.csv). The first line of the .csv file must contain the names of the Intelli-Site database fields separated by an accepted delimiter, usually a comma or a tab. Each subsequent row in the file is the data to go into those database fields.

NOTE: If any of the data fields might contain a comma or quotes (single or double), use the 'tab' character as the delimiter.

Intelli-Site has two database modes: Single ID and Multi-ID. The fields that can be included in the file depend on the database mode of your particular site.

Single ID

In Single ID, each cardholder in the database can only have one card assigned. All of the data is stored in one table, the Addresses table. If your Intelli-Site system is in Single ID mode, the minimum data to import is CardNumber, Firstname, and Lastname. The order is not important as long as the data is consistent. This is the information that uniquely identifies a record in the database. The CSV file will look something like this:


To see all of the possible fields, expand Database->CardList->Addresses.


In Multi-ID, each cardholder can be assigned multiple cards or credentials. The data is split between two tables. One table, the Dossier table, contains the data about the cardholder (e.g., Last Name, First Name, Address, Employee Number, Title, etc...) The second table, the Card table, contains the card or credential data.

If your system is in Multi-ID mode, the minimum data required is CardNumber, CardFormat, SiteCode, and something that uniquely identifies the person. Quite often this is LastName, FirstName, MiddleInitial, but this doesn't always work. Not every last name, first name, and middle initial are unique. People do share names. Some companies define an employee number to uniquely identify their cardholders.

To see all of the possible fields, expand Database->CardList->Dossier and Databse->CardList->Card.