Release Notes Intelli-Site 4 v4.0.21.33
Author: Lori TassinCreated: 04-25-2017 08:45 PMLast Updated: 08-24-2021 11:49 AM

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This article contains the release notes for Intelli-Site 4 v4.21.33.  The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements the main documentation.

This is a maintenance release that improves quality, reliability, and performance.  All users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

New Features

  • The following software features were added:
  • Client Manager Service - a new Intelli-Site 4 component, handles management of multiple Desktop Clients, offloading this management from the Engine. It will be most useful in redundant systems. (Redundancy is expected to be released in 4.0.22) Note: This is an OPTIONAL component and will count as an active session against the license meaning it will use up one of the connection counts.
  • Engine Service - startup dependencies were added. Because of this, the Engine may not start for a minute or two on system startup.
  • Card Add Reader - Allows a card to be added to the database if it doesn't already exist when it is presented to the specified reader. If the card does exist in the database, that personnel and card record is displayed. All this assumes the user is in Access Management View.
  • On the Computer node is the field Card Add Reader. Drop the reader node that corresponds to the desired reader
  • The Web Service will display the Access Management View page if the user's default View has not been implemented in the web client
  • Reports View button added to Hardware Management View and Activity View to take the user immediately to Reports View
  • Database field properties dialog has a new field, Required. This field is only active for text-based fields. When checked, this field is a required field allowing the integrator to define which fields are required on a project-by-project basis.

The following Panels were added or upgraded:

  • Accutech
    • Added the Emergency priority
    • There must be at least five (5) priorities. When a project is upgraded that has less than five (5) priorities, priorities are added called Reserved with the fifth priority being Emergency.
    • Added the sub-state BandRemoval to the Zones. It has the highest importance.
    • Added the sub-state LockedDown to the Zones. It has the second-highest importance.
    • When a project is upgraded, these sub-states are added if not present.
    • Added Loiter Bypass Point
    • Added new evaluation selections for Zones: Reset, Supervision, Loiter, LoiterBypass, Ajar, Exit, LockedDown,  and BandRemoval.
    • The states of the automatically created screen object were modified. See the Accutech AS and LS Panel Guide for more details.
  • Aiphone-IX
  • MAC panels now display the firmware version on the Quick Config dialog
  • Milestone NVR - connect to Milestone XProtect Corporate and Milestone XProtect Enterprise NVRs using the Milestone MIP SDK

Resolved Issues

The following issues affecting all products have been resolved:

  • Installer
    • If .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or 4.6 on Windows 10) is not installed, the Intelli-Site 4 installer will inform the user and abort the installation.
  • Configuration Utility
    • When there is more than one project, and the user selects a second project to make it the current project, the Setup data is properly loaded.
    • Renaming a project updates the path to all user-added images, sounds, documentation, and reports in the Project Tree.
    • Database restore can be canceled if the database already exists.
    • A rare error that occurred during PostgreSQL install when the services it depends on are not started has been fixed.
  • Desktop Client
    • General
      • User level is now enforced for Database Field Control objects
    • Compass
      • New download buttons have been added for [Holidays] and [Time Zones] to the Quick Config dialogs for the IOM, IOM Slave, and IIM panels
      • The driver no longer disconnects when downloading to an ICM panel.
      • An RCO Group will only allow the outputs from the panel's slave IOMs.
      • The driver no longer crashes when Time Zones are downloaded from Access Management View and panel 2 is virtualized.
    • HikVision
      • Note: Auto Detect only finds the enabled cameras of the HikVsion NVR
      • An error dialog appears when an error is encountered during connection or authentication during auto-detect of cameras.
      • The Address, Port, Username, and Password were removed from the Properties dialog because they are on the Quick Config dialog
    • MAC
      • P1 RAM Fail message is being properly reported in the Alarm Queue
      • Every panel receives a SetTime command at least once every 4 hours
      • The user can choose one-tenth (1/10) granularity on the Pulse and Delay commands in the Ladder.
      • An additional 32 General points and 32 Alarm points can be added to the panel in Design View.
      • Net and Node fields display but are disabled on the panel properties dialog in Design View.
      • When a Time Zone is deleted, the Ladder is updated.
    • Access Management View
      • Personnel & Cards tab
        • The height of the Token table is adjustable. Sliding the divider between the Personnel and Token tables up or down adjusts the heights of each table. Sliding it up increases the height of the Token table while reducing the height of the Personnel table and vice versa.
        • Multiple selected cards found by a query can be deleted. Previously, only the first of the selected cards would be deleted.
        • Access Sets are sorted alphabetically on the Access tab.
        • User Level is now enforced for Database Field Control objects which are used extensively on the Card Data tab.
      • Holidays & Time Zones tab
        • Time Zone Start and End times are now properly validated for MAC and Compass panels.
        • A time zone can no longer be deleted if it is being used by an Access Group.
        • When a reader or panel is deleted, each of the Access Groups that contain this reader or panel is updated to no longer reference this reader or panel. The lines are removed.
      • Access Sets tab
        • The [Add], [Edit], and [Delete] buttons for the Access Entries list are disabled when a Site or Area is selected.
        • If an Accutech panel is the only access control panel type in the project, the Access Groups root node will not appear in the Access Entries list. Access Entries do not apply to Accutech panels.
        • Only the Sites and Areas that have access control panels that use Access Entries will appear in the Access Entries list.
        • Access Sets are now sorted alphabetically.
    • Design View
      • Changes to the properties of Shared Screen Objects propagate immediately.
      • Child objects of a screen object move appropriately when the parent is moved.
      • Numeric fields in Data Grids no longer throw an exception when the field becomes blank.
      • The Conditional Logon tab of the User Template properties dialog actually has properties.
    • Hardware Management View
      • The HikVision NVR panel context menu now has the Alarm Queue Settings option.
      • A panel control screen can be opened again after leaving HMV with it open, closing it, and returning to HMV.
    • Live View
      • When a popup queue is displayed, the X- and Y-coordinates on the popup queue are properly overridden by the PopUp X and PopUp Y fields on the screen object that caused the queue to pop up.
      • The PopUp, PopUpDialog, and PopUpQueue actions now taking into account the title bar and application menu when determining the popup location (x, y).
      • PopUp and PopUpDialog actions no longer cause the Client to lockup when called from an I/O Point's Actions Grid
      • The Pulse action targeting a panel point is being sent to the driver when the panel is enabled. When the panel is virtualized, the Engine pulses the point.
      • The FilterSet action no longer causes an error.
      • Live View no longer flickers when a flashing object is on top of an image.
    • Reports View
      • All downloads are included in the Download Report, not just card downloads.
      • The System Information Report runs without error.
    • Scheduled Events View
      • When the Scheduled Events Table is empty, the [Edit] button doesn't throw an exception anymore. 
    • Video View
      • The side menus of the Camera drop-down menu open when the mouse hovers over the selection.
      • The Camera drop-down menu disappears when a selection is made.
      • The HikVision camera presets are visible in the Camera menu
      • When switching from one camera to another, Intelli-Site 4 disconnects from the first camera before connecting to the new one.
      • A video display that is disconnected remains disconnected after switching Views
      • Leaving Full Screen now takes into account the Information Manager
      • Leaving and returning to Video View while streaming video, the video streams continue to display.

The following issues specific to Intelli-Site 4 AC have been resolved:

  • N/A

Below are issues related to specific OEM versions:

  • MASC
    • New panels
      • MLC-RIO-T panel
      • MAC-RDC panel
    • During installation, only the MAC Driver is selected by default
    • Renamed MLC-4R to MLC-4x
    • Default Alarm Queue Settings for all MAC panels updated
    • Vendor name is Abba Logic, LLC for MAC panels
    • Removed Card Format, Long Access, and APB Exempt fields from the Card Data page
    • Adding a driver no longer causes the Client to lose connection with the Engine nor does it cause the Engine to crash
    • Adding a panel no longer causes the Client to lose connection with the Engine

Known Limitations


Products to which this article applies

  • Intelli-Site