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Products to which this article applies

  • Intelli-Site
  • Intelli-Site Lite
  • LiNC-PLUS-Lite
  • MASC
  • MASC Lite


This article contains the release notes for Intelli-Site v4.0.40.7.  The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements the main documentation.

This is a maintenance release that improves quality, reliability, and performance.  All users are encouraged to upgrade to this release. 

New Features

The following software features were added:

  • Access Sets have a new field,  Assign to new Cardholders. When checked, all new cardholders and tokens will be granted this Access Set when it is saved.
  • When a panel node is renamed, the associated panel control screen popup screen is renamed as well. 
  • In Hardware Management, a new option has been added to the panel context menu, Set Tag Color. A Select Color dialog opens allowing the user to select the tag color. The tag appears as a single dot in the upper left-hand corner of the panel icon.

Compass Panel with Tag

  • In Scheduled Events View, a Notes field has been added to all individual scheduled events in the Scheduled Events table.
  • In Video View, the Full-Screen option allows the user to designate full-screen mode for this video display or the whole video display configuration.

The following Panels were added or upgraded:

  • Compass
    • A Notes tab has been added to all Compass panel Quick Config dialogs.
  • Omron
    • The memory polling address is validated based on the type of poll. If the poll is a bit, the address must be x.0 - x.15. If it is a word, the address must be a whole number.

Resolved Issues

The following issues affecting all products have been resolved:

  • Database
    • The Create scripts for PostgreSQL and MSSQL were updated to prevent unnecessary upgrades at startup. This makes startup faster.
  • Desktop Client
    • About
      • The Copyright was updated to include 2019
    • Access Management View
      • The Activity tab is sorting by Time in descending order instead of by Type. All new activity is inserted at the top of the table while the user is actively viewing the Activity tab.
      • In Single ID mode, after a personnel/card is added, it is selected by default.
    • Design View
      • For screen object properties, when the Name of a state is modified, the Flash To State drop-down menu immediately reflects the change.
      • Reprogram... will now allow a camera node to be replaced by another camera node even if their panel types do not match.
    • Live View
      • The Popup and PopupDialog actions in the On Display action grid are now executed on the initial screen at login if the initial View is Live View. These actions are not executed when Live View is first displayed for a user that does not have Live View as their initial View. 
      • A video display in Live View will now switch between cameras of different panel types.
    • Scheduled Events View
      • Deleting an active scheduled event no longer causes an unhandled exception.
    • Video View
      • This Camera is the default selection when the Disconnect option is selected without selecting either All or This Camera.
  • Engine
    • "Access Set deleted" entries in the Project Change database (and report) include the Access Set name
    • When a sound is to be added to the list of sounds to play for an event in the Alarm Queue, if that sound is currently in the list or currently being played, it will not be added again. This means that for long sounds associated with a priority that is set to Play Continuously, it won't keep playing the sound long after the event has been cleared. It will continue to play the sound while the event is not acknowledged or cleared. When the event is cleared, the sound will play at most one more time. You're welcome.
    • When the Engine starts, the first node in the Computers list is usually the current computer. That isn't the case if the project is being restored from a different computer (i.e., a support package for tech support), or if the computer is one of the computers in a redundant system. If the computer is part of a standalone system, the first computer is usually the one on which the Engine is located and it has been renamed to match the current computer if the project is going to actually work. If the computer is part of a redundant system, but the license has expired, the computer should not change the name of the first computer to match the local machine because that will mess up the redundant system when the license is renewed. Therefore, if the current computer is in the list of computers, then the first computer node will not be renamed. If all of that made sense, pat yourself on the back.
    • The Force Logoff Point for a user is now forcing the user off when the point is set as expected.
  • Panels
    • MAC
      • The MAC Ladder is now included in Find -> All objects referencing this node and Find->All objects this node references
      • The Quick Config is available as soon as a panel is added in Design View. It no longer requires a driver. A driver is needed for communication, but the panel can be configured without the driver. This is to accommodate the programming practices of legacy integrators. 
    • Modbus
      • Add Multiple allows the bit specifier to be either uppercase or lower case (e.g., B1-B15 or b1-b15).
      • Add Multiple dialogs in Design View and in the Quick Config are the same.
      • Values that reach or exceed the designated threshold will be set high and then be set low when the value drops below the threshold.
    • Omron
      • Add Multiple dialogs in Design View and in the Quick Config are the same.
      • Points in the last word of a poll are now updating properly.
      • Response codes with error bits set are handled properly.
      • A sub-value with nothing in the Value field is allowed. This gives the user the ability to group sub-values without providing a value. Sub-values can have sub-value nodes of their own. They affect the parent value when they are the target of a SendCommand and not their parent sub-value. This is strictly about organization in the Tree and human readability.
      • The Operations tab for a sub-values properties dialog is complete and pretty.
    • Pelco Switcher
      • Panel Control Screen popup screen PTZ buttons were updated to issue a SetOff command on Mouse Up.

The following issues specific to Intelli-Site Lite have been resolved:

  • N/A

Below are issues related to specific OEM versions:

  • N/A

Known Limitations


Products to which this article applies

  • Intelli-Site
  • Intelli-Site Lite
  • LiNC-PLUS-Lite
  • MASC
  • MASC Lite