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This article contains the release notes for Intelli-Site v4.31.14.  The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements the main documentation.

This is a maintenance release that improves quality, reliability, and performance. All Users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

New Features

The following software features were added:

  •  Orphaned Panels Button - When a panel is not assigned to a driver, the Orphaned Panels button displays in Hardware Management View. This allows the operator to know when there are orphaned panels. Clicking on this button opens the Correct Orphaned Panels dialog. From here the operator can quickly locate and assign the orphaned panels to an existing driver.
  • The card data fields Card Number, Site Code, and Card Format can no longer be edited. The card must be deleted and a new card added.
  • Shared Database field has been added to the computer node Properties dialog. This field applies to Redundancy. Check this field when the database is located on a different computer than any of the redundant Engines to let the Engines know that the database is shared by all Engines and not maintained locally. This only applies to systems using MSSQL and not PostgreSQL.

The following Panels were added or upgraded:

  • PCSC IQ/Ultimate family of panels
  • PCSC FT family of panels
  • Compass 
    • Fields added for CDB005 Username and Password to the driver Properties dialog
    • A Clear All button has been added to the Quick Config dialogs
  • MAC
    • Added a comm method type to support the MC-LTEA Echelon TCP/IP adapter

Resolved Issues

The following issues affecting all products have been resolved:

  • Configuration Utility
    • Create or setup project is disabled if the Engine was not installed
    • If the Engine is not installed, the Project Setup dialog does not display
    • The logs directory will be created when the Configuration Utility is run if it is missing for whatever reason.
  • Desktop Client
    • General
      • The Add Panel dialog is sorted to make it easier to find a specific manufacturer and panel. The system tools are still at the top of the list. 
      • When a panel is added to a driver no matter the method, the driver will validate any and all panel address. This was an issue for orphaned panels. It was not an issue with the panel was added in Hardware Management View.
      • Any changes to a Video Display Screen Control Properties dialog are abandoned when the Cancel button is clicked. Any counter-value nodes that were added during [Select Cameras] will still be present in the Tree. They will be re-used if [Select Cameras] is used again with the same counter.
    • Accutech View
      • Tag Edit: Data validation has been enhanced for adding tags
    • Design View
      • When an existing custom control is dragged from the Tree and onto the screen, a proper copy of the custom control is added to the Tree and to the screen where it was dropped.
    • Hardware Management View
      • Messages window: The Message Types and Destinations checkboxes are stored by the Engine. This ensures that all messages will be logged to the file on driver startup if the File checkbox is checked.
    • Live View
      • Video now displays on a popup screen.
  • Drivers
    • Compass
      • Error checking has been added to confirm that the mask is the same size as the length field indicates in the Quick Config and Properties dialogs.
      • The download buttons in the Properties dialog no longer require the operator to apply before downloading unless a change has actually been made to the properties.
  • Engine Service
    • Projects that were upgraded to 4.0.30 had an exception in the Engine the first time it ran. It was cleared by starting the Engine again. This issue was caused by changes made to the Event Formatters node. The upgrade procedure now properly upgrades the Event Formatters node.
  • Driver Service
    • If the Driver Service loses connection to the Engine, the Driver Service will disconnect from all drivers until a connection to the Engine is re-established.
  • Web Client
    • Access Management View
      • Cardholder images display.

The following issues specific to Intelli-Site Lite have been resolved:

  • N/A

Below are issues related to specific OEM versions:

  • LiNC-PLUS and LiNC-PLUS Lite - The correct EULA is installed.

Known Limitations


Products to which this article applies

  • Intelli-Site