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This article contains the release notes for Intelli-Site v4.30.21.  The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements the main documentation.

This is a maintenance release that improves quality, reliability, and performance. All users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

New Features

The following software features were added:

  • Event Formatter - Events can be written to a text file or to a TCP/IP address and port in a user-defined format
  • TAP Protocol - Events can be set to a TAP server using the Event Formatter
  • Custom Hover Text for screen objects in Live View - The text that displays when the mouse hovers over a screen object in Live View can be customized. Under Screen Control is a new node, Hover Texts. This is where new hover text formats are added. Each screen object and each state of a screen object allows you to specify which hover text format to use and the object that is the source of the hover text information. The hover text can have a header and a body. The body of the hover text can display:
    • The Name of the source node
    • The [ID] Name of the source node
    • The label as it would display if the source node was the Label Object
    • The source node's Queue Label
    • The source node's Operator Instructions
    • The Notes of the source node
    • A custom string
    • Nothing at all
  • Pressing Alt+Enter will open the properties dialog of the currently selected node in the Project Node Tree in Design View
  • Select Cameras button - The Video Display screen object properties now has a [Select Cameras] button that is active if the display will stream from one camera at a time. A Select Cameras dialog displays allowing the user to check which cameras to use in the Configurations table and to specify the counter to use. The Video Display screen object will then add the appropriate counter values to the supplied counter and populate the Configurations table. The user must add the counter.  The Video Display only creates the counter values corresponding to the cameras selected.
  • An automated procedure was added to restore a support package
  • Priority sounds upgrade - The sound can be played once or continuously, for Acknowledge Required alarms or any alarm, and when the event is the highest priority event or no matter the current contents of the alarm queue.
  • The Vehicle tab has been implemented.
  • The Accutech View has been added
  • ResidentGuard is a new addition to the product line

The following Panels were added or upgraded:

  • Accutech panel has been upgraded to support the Accutech View

Resolved Issues

The following issues affecting all products have been resolved:

  • Configuration Utility
    • Create or setup project is disabled if the Engine was not installed
    • If the Engine is not installed, the Project Setup dialog does not display
    • The logs directory will be created when the Configuration Utility is run if it is missing for whatever reason.
  • Desktop Client
    • General
      • Fixed an issue with Active Directory authentication if the last user node in the Project Node Tree did not have an Active Directory authentication type. 
    • Access Management View
      • First Name and Last Name are no longer required fields allowing cards to be unassigned
      • Images that are added and cropped are no longer stored stretched.
    • Design View
      • The Setup properties Hidden Actions and Hidden Tree Nodes are now sorted.
      • The User properties will not allow the user to set the Default View field to a View that has been expressly denied in the User View Options check tree.
      • The Time Zone nodes can now be deleted if there are no panels of the type that created the Time Zone in the Project
      • The screen will remain in the same place after the properties dialog is closed. It had been jumping back to the home position if the screen had been scrolled down and/or to the right.
      • The XPos field of a screen object limit is now 65535.
      • The Engine-based action grids on all I/O Points only allow Engine-based actions.
      • The camera nodes can now be reordered by drag and drop in the Project Node Tree in Design View.
    • Information Manager
      • The On Display actions for a screen are now executed when the screen is displayed as the result of clicking on an event in the Alarm Queue. Of course, the I/O Point has to have been configured with an Alarm Screen. 
    • Live View
      • Under specific situations, the counter values were not displaying correctly.
    • Scheduled Events View
      • The newly added Scheduled Event Group is the selected item
  • Drivers
    • Compass
      • If the driver receives a garbled message, the driver now recognizes it and recovers
      • When the driver is disabled, the Panel Status point no longer fluctuates between on and off.
    • Digital Watchdog
      • Auto-detect now uses the camera's ID and not the MAC address. If a camera is attached to an encoder, it was impossible to specify a specific camera on said encoder if the encoder did not give each camera a unique MAC address. The MAC address still works in general, but the camera ID is more precise.
      • Auto-detect now adds all cameras returned by the Digital Watchdog Spectrum NVR and not just the ones that are currently online. Note: The video player may timeout before a video stream can be established if the camera was not online in the DW Spectrum NVR. DW Spectrum technical support said the way to prevent this is to ensure all cameras are online at all times either by recording or simply streaming to their client software. 
    • MAC
      • Rename from File now works properly for MAC-32I panels
  • Engine Service
      • The Pulse type commands are now being sent to the panels as expected.
      • Logging was fine-tuned to eliminate some unnecessary project change updates based on card activity. The card activity is not project change activity. The card activity is stored in another database.
  • Web Client
    • Access Management View
      • Searching is no longer case-sensitive.
      • Search will now find all records that begin with the supplied criteria and not just exact matches.

The following issues specific to Intelli-Site Lite have been resolved:

  • N/A

Below are issues related to specific OEM versions:

  • N/A

Known Limitations


Products to which this article applies

  • Intelli-Site